Tetrahedroseph's Presidential Sampler

by Tetrahedroseph (Joseph Perry)

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charlize76 Great songs, truthful lyrics, fun and joyous melodies. Can't wait to listen to the others! Favorite track: Empathic Sarcasm And Bitterness Rodeo.
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Tetrahedroseph's Presidential Sampler contains three new songs from two different albums currently in production. If you purchase the entire album you save $2 and gain access to the 10 Bonus Items.

About the music:
-Song 1 "Empathic Sarcasm And Bitterness Rodeo"
is a recent composition inspired by an unorthodox election year, empathy, narcissism and other feelings related to patterns in us all. It's probably my first interpretation of a country tune.
-Song 2 "Swingy Dingy" is an instrumental that just seems to clear the air a little. I placed it second on this album to lighten the mood created by the previous tune.
-Song 3 "Practice Mindfulness"
is a melodic tune that reminds us all to practice objectivity, calmness and compassion for ourselves and others.

Creative destinations are important and so is funding. The proceeds from Tetrahedroseph's Presidential Sampler help finish the other albums that these songs were originally intended for. As we all know, time equals money and money equals shoes, flip flops, sun glasses, food, rent, bass gig bag, doughnuts, food, rent, instrument repairs, donuts, herbs, and veterinary bills. Creating this music and producing these albums helps me practice many skills. I trust that this music will serve us all. If not, new albums are due in just a couple months.

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released November 9, 2016

Album Credits:
Bass, ukulele, guitar, flute, tenor steel drum, bass steel drum, keyboard, percussion, iPhone 5s, GarageBand, and vocals performed by: Joseph Perry
Concept and Artwork by Joseph Perry
Produced, Recorded, Engineered and Mixed By: Joseph Perry at Door To Door Recordings.
All music and lyrics by Joseph Perry
The rat image is courtesy of me and Dusty #peeoop. Dusty cat killed it and ate the head. I simply found it and took a picture before removing it from site. No animals here harmed in the making of this album (except me a little, but that's a long speculative story).



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Tetrahedroseph (Joseph Perry) Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Empathic Sarcasm And Bitterness Rodeo
Well If you don't give a f*ck,
then I wont give a f*ck,
and we all wont give a f*ck together.
Tell yourself you know,
but know you don't know,
and we're all dumb a*s holes together.

Feed your ego, trick yourself.
Smoke up your a*s is your idea of wealth.
Who knows maybe contradiction 's good for your health,
But in my opinion you can f*ck yourself.

Conflict makes you special,
and i was born entitled,
so we'll all be narcissistic together.
Go ahead and treat yourself,
lets all treat ourselves,
and we'll perpetuate this madness forever.

Feed your ego, trick yourself.
Smoke up your a*s is your idea of wealth.
Who knows maybe contradiction 's good for your health,
But in my opinion you can f*ck yourself.

If you think it sucks
and i think it sucks,
then we'll suck passin' judgement together.
If you make some excuses
and I make more excuses
then we'll all excuse our stinky sh*t together.

Feed your asshole, deceive yourself.
The antidotes' within and I've defined my wealth.
Every time you open your mouth your blaming someone else,
so just live out your fantasy and f*ck yourself.

Burn it all down and eat it all up.
You can't get off this planet and we've probably f*cked it up.
I believe your believin' everything you say,
but you can blow it out your a*s as I walk away.

You could've called it anything I still know how sh*t stinks. (x4)

Feed our egos, trick ourselves,
big butt cheeks and money is our idea of wealth.
Who knows maybe self-destructions good for our health,
if ignorance is bliss, then maybe i'll see you in hell.

You could've called it anything I still know how sh*t stinks. (x9)
Track Name: Practice Mindfulness
You've got to stop and ask, "Is it self destructive?"
We've got to take control and practice our mindfulness.
Soothe yourself. Be calm and objective.
We've go to love and live and practice our mindfulness.

Lets make and effort to stay in the moment
and to stop categorizing and to pay attention.
Just stay hopeful the brain changes with practice!